Value of LHINs

LHINs are the only organizations in Ontario that bring together health care partners from the following sectors – hospitals, community care, community support services, community mental health and addictions, community health centres and long-term care – to develop innovative, collaborative solutions leading to more timely access to high quality services for the residents of Ontario and Waterloo Wellington LHIN communities. By supporting these important partnerships, LHINs are ensuring that Ontarians have access to an effective and efficient health care system that delivers improved health care results and a better patient experience.

Because of LHINs, providers in the local health care system are working together to improve access to quality care for Ontario residents.

"Now more than ever before, hospitals and community service providers are focused on the same goal. Five years ago (before the LHINs), hospitals did not have a strong working knowledge of community support services and in many instances were not using those supports to their full advantage. Now we’re working together on solutions to improve access to care for patients."

- Eileen Bain, VP Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive, Guelph General Hospital

Because of LHINs, the health care needs of people in your community are being identified, co-ordinated and addressed as a truly integrated system. 

"The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network has focussed critical discussions on integration of health services to improve access and responsiveness for residents of this LHIN."

- Kevin Mercer, former CEO, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre

Because of LHINs, local decisions are being made to respond to local health care needs. 

"The LHIN model has brought planning and funding decisions to the local level. Within the past three years, a relatively short timeframe for a new organization, local health service providers have worked well together with the guidance of the WWLHIN to develop an integrated health services plan that reflects our shared priorities."

- Don Roth, Director of Services, CMHA-WWD

Because of LHINs, health service providers, such as hospitals, long-term care homes and community agencies, are being held accountable for the taxpayer dollars they are given.

"I feel very strongly that the LHINs have a huge job to do, and that our WWLHIN is doing very well. As an operator, one of the most important things to me is the Accountability Agreements. I think that accountability for tax dollars has been missing in many ways and while we have all done many reports in the past, the WWLHIN is looking for performance."

- Carolyn Verleyen, former President & CEO, Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo Operator of Trinity Village

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