Guidelines for Public Participation in Waterloo Wellington LHIN Open Board Meetings

The following Guidelines for Public Participation are for individuals addressing the Waterloo Wellington LHIN (WWLHIN) Board of Directors during the Public Participation portion of the Open Board Meeting:

  1. Two individuals from the public are welcome to present at each Open Board Meeting, selected on a first-come basis. Each presenter may only appear once during a six-month period. 
  2. Presenters must register at least ten business days before the date of the Board Meeting so that their names and a brief description of their topics can be included in the Board Meeting Agenda. To register, contact the WWLHIN Corporate Coordinator at or 519-748-2222 / 888-883-3313. Board Meeting dates and start times are posted on the WWLHIN website at
  3. Only one individual may register and address the Board during the Open Board Meeting.
  4. Each individual will have a maximum of ten minutes for his or her presentation. The Chair will set a timer at the beginning of the presentation, and will provide a warning at the nine-minute mark.
  5. At the conclusion of the ten minutes, the Chair will inform the presenter that the time limit has been met.
  6. After a presentation, Board members may ask questions for clarification or more information, for a maximum of up to five minutes.
  7. Individuals shall not:
    • speak disrespectfully of any person, sector, or organization,
    • use offensive words,
    • disobey a decision of the Chair or Board of Directors, or
    • enter into cross debate with other presenters, administration, or Directors.
  8. The Chair may curtail any individuals, questions, or discussion for breach of these guidelines or for disorder.
  9. Individuals are welcome to use a PowerPoint Presentation or presentation methods such as "Ignite" (see when addressing the Board, and/or provide hard-copy handouts to Board members.
  10. If using hard-copy materials, the presenter must provide 12 copies. The WWLHIN is not responsible for making copies of handouts. The Corporate Coordinator will distribute handouts to the members of the WWLHIN Board of Directors at the meeting.
  11. When PowerPoint or presentation materials are being used, the materials must be provided at least one-half hour before the start of the open session of the Board Meeting on a USB memory stick, so that the presentation can be loaded in advance of the Open Board Meeting. Microsoft PowerPoint version 2003 or 2007 are compatible with our current systems.
    Note: All materials shared at Open Board Meetings are made public on the WWLHIN website, including presentations from the public shared during this portion of the meeting.

To register to give a presentation, or for more information, please contact:

Corporate Coordinator
141 Weber Street South
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2A9
Tel: 519-748-2222 / 888-883-3313