Engaging our Communities

In the WWLHIN, community engagement is more than a legislative responsibility - it is key to the way we work.

Local decision making is the model on which the LHINs are built - a model that values the input of local residents and health care professionals to the planning and decision making process.

As the LHINs have evolved, so has our practice in community engagement. Our shared experience has led to the development of standardized guidelines for community engagement for all LHINs which we are please to share below. The guidelines complement the current practice of community engagement in the WWLHIN and will serve to further enhance our commitment to accountability and transparency.

The Local Health System  Integration Act  (LHSIA) (2006) requires each LHIN to involve their local communities in health care decision-making. 

Sub-region Geographies 

Sub-regions are local geographies within Local Health Integration Networks. Sub-regions allow LHINs to better plan, integrate, and improve the performance of local health services. They also have the potential to better identify and capture diverse population needs–be they linguistic, cultural or others–and to help our health care system better respond to these needs. The Waterloo Wellington LHIN is currently working towards refreshing and formalizing its local sub-region geographies. Click here to learn more and participate in the process. 

Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Are you passionate about improving health care in Waterloo Wellington? If so, click here for details.

Student Health Advisory Committee

Are you a student who is passionate about improving health care in Waterloo Wellington? If so, click here for details. 

Patient Declaration of Values

The Patient Declaration of Values was developed in collaboration with Patient and Family Advisory Councils and other patient and family groups from across Waterloo Wellington. Click here to read this important document.

Public Consultations

The process for public consultations on WWLHIN projects varies to suit the nature of each project, the information to be gathered, and project timelines.  Specific information about current projects can be accessed through the Goals and Achievements section of this website.

Heroes in the Home 2018

This summer we are going to honour the unsung heroes in the home. Those who go above and beyond the call to do for others. They can be paid or unpaid, family, friends or neighbours. Click here to read more about this celebration!


Community Report

We are proud of the progress made to improve our health system as demonstrated through the stories told and statistics shared in this Community Report. These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the commitment to improve and incredible efforts of our 74 health service providers and the more than 37,000 health care workers in our community. Thank you for everything you do each and every day for our residents. 

Most importantly, thank you to our residents for helping us to understand the changes needed and for sharing stories of how our progress has improved the lives of your families, friends, and neighbours across Waterloo Wellington.  

2016-17 Community Report Cover